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    June 2016 

    Question: 2015 Large group in effect with 900+ employees. In May 2016 part of the large group formed their own smaller group with a NEW EIN and they have less than 50 employees. I know the FTE count and employer responsibilities go by the previous tax year “group size” but this one has me a bit confused. Are they considered under 50 for 2016 since it’s a new EIN?

    March 2016

    Question: Given certain carriers' decisions to cut broker compensation to zero for individual policies, consumers are in a worse bind than they were before since it is unrealistic to ask agents and brokers to work for free. Consumers will be at the mercies of or have to wade through a confusing landscape of co-pays, in and out of network, out of pocket, minimum essential benefits and the like.  Some may just opt to pay the PPACA fine because it's simpler. Agents and brokers are loyal to their clients. How, then, can a broker be compensated if there is no commission?

    June 2015

    Question: Are Health Reimbursement Arrangements considered separate plans under PCORI and so must pay the PCORI tax in addition to PCORI taxes paid because of the employer-offered health plan?

    February 2014

    Question:  Do you have any information on what is deemed seasonal employees on the federal side?  How much they must work and how many months out of the year to be eligible for group coverage? 

    January 2014

    Question: Businesses have a new burden where firms have to file a form 720 with the IRS for the new comparative effectiveness tax also known as PCORI.  ($1 for 2013 and $2 in 2014.  It's frustrating and I cannot locate the form. Shouldn't there be an exemption for small businesses from this nuisance tax?